The Cat Editor

Here’s the thing, Mom is a writer and often times needs a bit of inspiration whenever she is stuck. Usually I jump on her desk and try some telepathy but humans are just too dense sometimes and can’t handle the superior intelligence of a cat.

When telepathy fails, I resort to editing her texts… for you lower mortals, this means physically erasing the mindless nonsense she has spent hours slaving over. This is done swiftly and efficiently by the stroke of some keys, best done with four paws so she has no time to complain and retract.

I still have to convince her to co-author a book with yours truly, but hey, I can’t complain. At least the blogs are now written by me in my voice! And don’t just have to pose for Instagram photos!

Meowingly yours,


  1. Ah, the mysterious editing cat! Mine does not edit, she prefers to start blog posts for me. I left my desk for a few minutes to make some coffee and when I got back I noticed there was a post sitting in my drafts folder. I had a look and it said something like, “###hgsgwihbsjh99w9;.,j”. It’s clearly in some ancient feline tongue and is probably the best blog post start ever. Unfortunately I don’t speak cat.

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