The Cat and The Plumber (Part II)

©FrogDiva Photography

The story continues: The washing machine master technician returned with the spare part and got right to work. I beat him home by five minutes and barely had time to catch my breath when the doorbell rang. Champagne was fast asleep in her cubby and didn’t come out to greet Mr. Cirak, but when she realised there was something interesting going on in the kitchen again, she plopped right down and supervised the entire hour.

©FrogDiva Photography

The moment the baseboard came off, Champagne tried to sneak under the cabinets again, but this time she was blocked before she could even get her head in. So she settled for keeping a close eye on the toolbox and then watching all the various parts of the machine be taken apart. It was with great reluctance that she declared the job done and stomped off in a huff and a snort.

If ever you are in need a highly specialised and extremely competent washing machine and dishwasher repair service in Berlin, click here to visit their website. Don’t let the company name Single Reparaturservice throw you off. At first I thought I had landed on a Tinder-like site and clicked them away. When I asked about the choice of name, he grinned and said his wife wanted a non-german name that would stick to people’s minds. Well, she certainly achieved that! The single-proprietorship company only repairs machines though, not relationships and hearts! 

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