Commuter Adventures: Why Solitaire + Audiobook are not a good combination in the subway

The Silver Lining ©FrogDiva Photography

Granted, the title of today’s entry is a tad too long, but there was really no other way to chop it down… I am usually out of the house by 07:00, grab the first bus headed towards the subway station, and from there I relax for the 20 minute ride into town on the usually quiet train. Ever since I got hooked on audiobooks for these commutes to and from work, I am dead to the world once my story transports me to a parallel universe.

Every once in a while I fall asleep and get shouted at by the conductor to get off because I reached the end station – by which time the conductor or driver is desperate for a cup of coffee and an urgent trip to the loo. Otherwise I am pretty good at getting off in time. Except today.

A couple of months ago I rediscovered solitaire, and it brought back memories of both my grandfathers who were also addicted to the game, albeit the old-fashioned way, with playing cards. My Lolo Piding taught me some valuable strategies which I apply to this day, and each game I play it is like getting in touch with him again. I haven’t had a deck of cards in my hands in over a decade, but thanks to modern technology, I have my handy dandy app on the phone to while away the time.

If I can’t sleep at night for whatever reason, I will instinctively reach for my phone to play a round (or two) of solitaire, and before I know it, I am on my fifth game. This has spilled over into my morning commute and I play several rounds on the train while listening to my audiobook. (I read somewhere that this is great training against Alzheimers…) But today I got so engrossed with the story that I just kept on playing, utterly oblivious to my surroundings. Before I knew it, daylight flooded into the train compartment, which is a sure sign that I have missed my underground stop. Oh darn.

I stood up in bewilderment, and got off at a stop I had never been to before. It took a few minutes to get my bearings, and happily realised that I could actually walk to the office from there, and proceeded to do so, but not without taking a quick shot at the arches under the tracks! It was colder than usual this morning and the wind blew right through my bones, most unpleasant for May weather but I embraced my adventure and am actually glad I missed my stop!

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