Coming or Going?

where to now? ©FrogDiva Photography

I am sure you are all familiar with that annoying sensation of not knowing whether you are coming or going? This is an expression that has bothered me for decades because I never know what the point of reference is.

What am I coming to?
What am I coming back to?
Why am I coming back?
Who am I coming back to?
Who am I coming back for?

where am I coming from?

Then there are the more frustrating dilemmas of being unable to answer one or none of the following:

Where am I going?
How am I going?
Why am I going?
Whom am I going to?
When will I get going?

I am not sure what makes one make the better choice, a triumph or a tragedy? Both situations have definitely made me confront my own mortality and question the validity of everything I do and live for. One of the most valuable lessons of divorce is that it suddenly became clear to me that I have become my own center and point of reference. The time to define my self and myself according to the roles I play in other people’s lives is over.

I am coming to me.
I am coming home to myself.
I am going to find myself.
I am coming.
I am going.

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