Commuter Adventures: Just Another Creepy Bus Ride

Morning grace @FrogDiva Photography

Now that the nights are shorter and sunrise earlier, it is lovely to be back on my favourite path through the fields on my way to the bus stop. This morning I headed out the door and was greeted by a sky that was a palette of pastels, large fluffy clouds looming in the distance. With the crisp winter air engulfing me and audio book rumbling along, the world was in perfect order for a few minutes.

The first bus that arrived was fuller than a can of sardines, so I decided to wait for the next one. True to form, the next bus that rolled around four minutes later was half empty. My eyebrows rose at the presence of the two fully-armed policemen at the entrance, but I got on and stood next to a burly young man totally immersed in his mobile phone, ignoring the rest of the world. Three minutes later there was a huge thump beside me and an arm draped around my ankles. Good thing I don´t shock easily otherwise I would have screamed the place down. The young man beside me collapsed, was unconscious on the floor, stiff as a corpse and his eyes wide open. It was not an epileptic attack, no convulsions, just plain fainted with eyes open.

With his dead weight, there was nothing I could do, nor was there anything for me to do because the policemen were beside me in a flash, as was another plain-clothes officer who was seated at the back of the bus. The next stop was the police headquarters and academy, so the three of them carried the man off the bus and revived him at the shed. The bus driver also parked momentarily, jumped off to find out what had happened to his passenger, and was dismissed by the policemen who obviously had everything under control.

Why me?

And so begins my Tuesday…

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