Berlin Through Frog Eyes: Tegeler See (Lake Tegel)

Winter Moods ©FrogDiva Photography

There are certain places that I prefer to visit during winter, not just because of the absence of people but for the presence of light. There is something very special about the crisp winter light that fights its way through the overbearing clouds and the overpowering wind.

The conditions for photography were far from perfect (at least by my standards), and I could barely feel my hands while holding the camera. Yes, one could wear gloves and technically I had some with me, but wearing gloves and holding the camera is a very clumsy activity, so I ditched them. I need to feel the purity of the camera in my hands, and not filter the sensation through thick winter gloves.

Crossover ©FrogDiva Photography

This was not my first visit to Lake Tegel, and last time I visited it was also winter, but definitely the first time I with with my daughter. Our adventure began with the public transportation network, and a long and picturesque walk through the newer part of the Alt Tegel quarters. The architects have constructed residential clusters around the river that flows out into the lake, accentuated beautifully with bridges.

Sechster Bridge ©FrogDiva Photography

The river then flows under one of my all-time favourite bridges in Berlin, the Sechserbücke. This is one bridge I can never get enough of, regardless of the weather. On a good day, I could sit for hours along the river banks and contemplate the meaning of life. In doing so, however, I would miss out on the lake.

Breakthrough ©FrogDiva Photography

I had packed a couple of sandwiches (in summer there are several cafes to choose from) and in spite of the wind, we grabbed a solitary bench to soak in the view. I was not blessed with the gorgeously still water that day, and all the water fowl that took refuge on the docks agreed that it was not the best condition to be flying. But the dramatic clouds were there, and for ten minutes I had a little break that shone over the lake.

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