Anti-Valentine´s Day Thoughts

©FrogDiva Photography

There is no way of writing this blog entry without sounding like I am sour-graping. Truth be told, I grew up with Valentine´s Day being a big deal, regardless of whether it was in Mexico or the Philippines. Even my parents were very keen on it, even though Daddy didn´t have a romantic bone in his body and resorted to pinching Mommy´s flowers from her garden on more than one Valentine´s Day. However, in both these countries, there were alternative ways to celebrate the occasion if you were single. Some referred to it as Friendship Day, celebrating the joy and love of friendship. Others will call it Hearts Day, and it does not really matter whether you are in love or not. Then came the anti-Valentiners who violently object to the materialistic side of this day.

Here are my two cents on the matter:
1. I resent the fact that florists jack up the prices for Valentines, and still manage to make the top sales. The same applies to candy sellers and chocolatiers.
2. Why do flowers have to be mandatory on Valentine`s? There are so many other ways of expressing your love, affection or friendship.
3. We express our love and friendship to the people we care about every day of the year, so why do we need a day to go out and buy expensive things that will disappear in no time? Flowers and chocolates do not do justice to the unconditional love I share with my friends or family.
4. No, an expensive dinner date on Valentine´s is not a must either. No need to fall for all the ads promising a magical night. That can happen any other time of the year. I would rather be told how special I am on the beach under the stars, and not surrounded by others in a stuffy restaurant while worrying about the bill.

So here´s the deal – when I get home from work I will be dead tired, but I am going home to my dear daughter. We will cook together and share the evening with Netflix and the three cats in an apartment filled with candles and fairy lights. No restaurant can match that (first of all because I would not be able to take my cats with me). Valentine´s Day can take a hike.

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