January Is Almost Over!

Ice Blue ©FrogDiva Photography

I am not sure whether this is a good thing or not. I promised myself that I would undertake a lot of significant changes in my life this year, and somehow, the month is almost over and I haven´t accomplished everything I set out to do. Maybe that is the problem. My therapist keeps reminding me to take more time for myself and find my peace and quiet, to return to the inner oasis.

It is not as if I have been idle. On the contrary. All the changes that jumped onto my plate were not on the list, and yet, seem to be the more needed ones. For example, when my daughter moved in with me recently, I had to make some room in the closet for her. It is a small thing, but it nevertheless had me chucking out all the clothes that I don´t want to see anymore but somehow kept stashed away in a corner. This is no time to be sentimental about things, so I ended up filling up a box of clothes that will be sent off to charity. It is only when you let go of the past and all that is irrelevant to the present that the future can flourish.

I keep running into this message in many things around the house. Last week I did some gardening in the conservatory and ditched all the plants that died on me. Change and inspiration are needed, so now I have freshly re-potted plants, including cuttings that have rooted nicely, and spring bulbs that are bursting in colour. Just in time too, because the temperatures are dropping again and the meteorologists are predicting a Siberian cold wave, fondly referred to as the Beast from the East. If you ask the South Germans and Austrians, however, the Beast has already arrived and wreaked havoc.

The best laid plans may not always work out when your destiny has other intentions. It is best to follow the path and enjoy the journey. Who knows, it might just turn into a magical adventure.

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