Have I Told You lately…

… How much I hate winter? I woke up this morning with a cold – no surprise since the temperatures in Berlin have been hovering around -7 to +2, although I must admit, the last days have been freezing but with sunshine. It has been so darn cold that I never decide anymore how thick my coat should be for the day and how many layers to wear in order to still walk. One thing is for sure, I never leave home without a hat and thick scarf. I have forgotten my gloves a couple of times, and that was a huge mistake.

I went to bed last night with a migraine the size of Canada, nauseous, and mad at the world, even the cats wondered what to do with me next. This morning we all woke up, opened the doors and windows, and much to our horror found our beloved Havel River half frozen.

Frozen solace ©MTHerzog

As I write this, my eyes are struggling to focus and it feels as though there is a marching band inside my head.  You are probably wondering why the hell don’t I just go back to bed, but I need to mourn the loss of sunshine again. It’s snowing again, the cats are restless, and I am miserable. When you feel this crappy, a cheerful DJ on the radio is the one person you would love to choke with your bare hands! The river has been the stream of consolation for me these past months. Each time I look out my window, no matter how bad my day was, I find solace in the water. But if my source of consolation is as distraught and depressed as I am, what am I to do except whine?

Click HERE for the full set of photographs that accompany this entry.

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