Bridges of Berlin: Charlottenbrücke

Built in 1929, the Charlotte Bridge in Spandau replaced the multi-arched structure originally built in 1886. I would have loved to see that for myself, but since I have not yet mastered the art of teleporting and time travel, I must content myself with the present day.

8.2.18dWinter in Berlin has an ugly and depressing side, but if you catch a day with a cloudless sky, sunshine and crisp air, the sub-zero (-7C) temperature suddenly doesn’t matter. I always have some form of camera with me, but lately I carry my regular equipment with me everywhere I go, just in case… and today I received some disheartening news so I needed to calm the soul with some form of photography.

8.2.18aSince I found myself in the Old City of Spandau already, I needed to clear my head and decided to walk along the river promenade. Next thing I knew I was on the Charlottenbrücke watching the setting sun caress the Havel. The bridge itself is protected by the historical society, complete with the two ends and the lamps. You will find endless photographs online of the same bridge taken during the annual Spandau Festival with a bombastic array of fireworks. Such an even overshadows the beauty and simplicity of the bridge and I much prefer it as is, pure and simple but strong and proud.

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