Shards and Fragments

I just broke my favourite frog coffee mug and it has triggered a series of emotional rambles within me. I’ve never been one to favour arts and crafts, which consequently means that I don’t harbour the inclination nor the patience to glue broken things back together again.
If it’s broken, it’s broken.
Throw it out.
Whatever efforts were invested previously to cherish and prevent it from breaking have all been nullified by a single fall. Shards and fragmented memories are all that remain.

Beyond Repair ©MTHerzog

The same is true for relationships. I no longer believe in holding on to something that is so shattered that no amount of repair will ever make it whole again. The schisms will be permanent, and the substance will always seep through no matter what. Besides, take a good look at the shards, they will inflict deep wounds and cause more damage. The safe cup which held warmth and comfort no longer exists. Not even a shadow of it. It is far better to throw it all out and start afresh.

In defining the new cup I get to choose the size, dimensions, thickness, basically everything that I want and need it to be. There is no need to worry (for now) that something will seep through or leak. Yes of course another cup will be just as fragile in its own way, but I have learned to look for strength in things, not just the beauty. To find something strong and beautiful that appeals to my eye and speaks to my soul, is resistant to the one or the other fall or bump along the way, that is the goal. That is the dream.

I need my cup of warmth and comfort when I wrap my hands around my mug – yes, mug, not cup. Strong and sturdy, not shallow and dainty. It needs to be a frog motive as well, but I don’t want a replica of the old one. In fact, I don’t want it even remotely resemble the old one. Do I know what I want? Yes. Will it be easy to find? That was never the issue.

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