Privacy Screens (mobile)

gfrogphone0004_tnsI first discovered the privacy screens for my mobile phone while living in Bangkok. two years ago. The friendly mobile accessories salesman highly recommended it and I decided to give it a go, even though it is on a pricy side. Best thing I ever invested in for my mobile phone! This is something you shouldn’t scrimp on if you opt to buy it, and if you are a commuter, I strongly encourage you get one. It will make your screen a shade darker because it is made of tempered glass, but even if you are sitting in a standing-room-only bus or train, I guarantee that the person next to you won’t be able to snoop on your screen at all.

While sitting on the bus and train I realised, much to my discomfort, that I could basically see everyone’s mobile screen from where I sat. The teenager on facebook, the grandmother trying to text, the college student cramming for a lecture, the businessman checking his emails, a few people watching videos, others on Skype or FaceTime, etc. It made me squirm because I really didn’t want to absorb all that information. Moreover, if I could see their screens it meant that they could see mine as well. No thank you.

gfrogphone0004_tnsI am the type of person who is generally very careful with gadgets, but accidents happen, especially if you live with pets. Let’s just say that I’m on my third privacy screen (or is it the fourth?). The phone is absolutely fine (iPhones generally are among the sturdiest) but the privacy screen will not always survive the fall.

For as long as I travelled around in a private car the privacy screen was not that much of a priority, but now that I am back to mainstream public transportation, and during rush hours, it is a must for me. Germany (well, the EU) has strict privacy regulations mostly concerning the use of data you submit to vendors or online, but if you ask me, there should be a law about looking over the shoulder and into someone’s phone activity. I know, this is a matter of self-policing and self-control, but you can’t really avoid looking around, especially if it is a long wait. It doesn’t even have to be a commuting situation, waiting in line anywhere is enough to expose your phone to others. Do you really want them to read the text message or email you are writing? I thought so – it’s none of their business, and it should remain that way. Privacy screens people!!!

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