It Takes Guts

Location: Berlin ©MTHerzog *

To flaunt your individuality!

When I first saw her at the metro station I was stunned at the boldness, and wondered whether she had lost all her marbles. There I stood, bundled up in a down jacket, my scarf wrapped up to my chin, and gloves on my hands. The contrast couldn’t have been greater, and as I watched her, the admiration slowly emerged from somewhere deep within. I had no clue where she was headed and or why she was dressed like that, nor do I care one iota. All I know is that she was unafraid to BE.

We go through life living up to social norms and standards, conforming and submitting, and in the long run, making ourselves miserable in the process because we simply cannot keep up. Then I paused to contemplate, why the hell do I have to keep up in the first place? The only person I need to compete with is myself and I dictate the path my life takes, not others. This is one of the hardest lessons ever learned, and given my age, my generation had no choice but to follow the will of the parents.

Breaking free is scary, and so is leaving the comfortable status quo. There is a certain safety in the familiar, but do I really want to reach a ripe old age and look back with regret at the things I did not do because I was afraid of what others would say? I’m so done with conforming and going by the rules!

I pray and play in the fields and within walls. To dream is but the first step to making the vision, the ideas, a reality but the real test of character is the willingness to take the risk and go the extra distance to make it happen. There have been, and there will always be those who do not agree or believe with and in me, but that is their problem, not mine. So what if I am not at slender and limber as a yoga instructor, or that I can’t tell you what the difference is between an ND and a Polarizing Filter is. I aim the pen and camera in the direction my soul dictates.

I will never have the long, shapely legs this woman in the train has, nor will I ever buy those transparent boots, but 50 (well, almost) is a damn good age to flaunt the FrogDiva.


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