My Breakfast Went Cold*

*click HERE to read the article with the complete set of photos

I went through the trouble of making pancakes for breakfast this morning but when I set the table and looked out the window, I forgot everything and ran for my camera. The moment was too precious to let it slip by because of the special visitors in the yard who had dropped in and made themselves at home on the jetty. Now none of the neighbors can access their boats or take their boards out for paddles! We all have to wait until the Swan Family decides to move on.

swans15.5.17a In India, when I opened the windows I often saw monkeys, birds, or chipmunks and of course my pet geese. In Manila it was mainly the neighborhood cats and dogs, with loads and loads of sparrows who came to visit. This is the first time, however, that I witness a mother swan protecting her young under her wing.

swans15.5.17b Naturally, all the sparrows were excited about the visitors and forgot about their breakfast as well. I was so engrossed that I even forgot to put on a jacket while shooting through the balcony rails.

swans15.5.17g It didn’t take long for Mr. & Mrs. Mallard to casually float by and check out the visitors.

Breakfast? What breakfast?

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