It has always been said that sparrows are not the most intelligent of birds but over the years I felt compelled to defend them, for some reason. Maybe it’s because I have a soft spot for the underdog, the misunderstood, and the social outcasts. Yes, they are shameless and interfering little busybodies, but they do have spunk and character.

Last week I wrote about the messenger sparrows and every since I started feeding these little creatures that seem to have inherited, my window sill is chirpy and cheerful in the mornings. Well, up until yesterday. When I picked up my cat from her weekly grooming at the vet, I noticed some birdseed for sale, small packs of sunflower seeds and alfalfa seeds, so I bought a few packs of each and mixed them together.Remembering my three little budgies that I left behind in Bangkok and all the trouble I went to get their food, I decided this would be a welcome opportunity for my sparrows. I don’t cook rice that often anymore because it’s just too depressing to cook for one person, which makes it difficult for my little friends. So I figured birdseed  would be the perfect solution.

birdfoodIf Daddy were around he probably would shake his head and warn me it wasn’t going to work; and he would have been right. He warned Mommy before that “his” sparrows only ate rice, an idea I scoffed at. I operate on the motto “beggars can’t be choosers, and the greedy little feathered creatures would think twice before turning their backs on free food. Ha! Now I understand where the expression “birdbrain” comes from. I placed a generous amount of birdseed on the window sill, basically the same volume as the rice thus far. It has been over 24 hours now and not a single sparrow has taken a bite out of the birdseed. They have all come to claim their meal ticket but upon seeing that there was no rice on offer they flew away.

Filipinos are known for their addition to rice, but I didn’t  realize the cliche extended to the local sparrows as well! My Thai budgies would have gobbled it all up within minutes!

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