It’s The Little Things

It’s been a while since I last published something about Champagne, but it’s time to change that. The first Sunday of Advent is just around the corner so I decided to cheer myself up a bit, a feeble attempt to drag my sorrow out of the doldrums. Mommy made me promise not to use red this year because I am in mourning, and at the time I made that promise she was still alive and Daddy had just passed away. So now with my extended mourning period, I am being very un-Filipino and decorating my home for the holidays in the most minimal manner possible and allowable. So no reds, but I am flooded in green and white. It will do.

Champagne, as always, tries to be very helpful. She supervised the putting away of the frogs and stuck her paws into every bag and box that came out. Her greatest delight was of course fiddling with the light strings and was very disappointed when they were strung around high areas. but she approved of the final effect.

Divalicious Inspection ©Theresa Herzog

I will not put up a tree this year for obvious reasons, but I did decorate my little frangipani tree. It used to be Mommy’s tree, something she insisted on bringing along last year after we sold the old house. It had lost almost all of its leaves when Mommy died, and the few remaining ones were gobbled up by a very hungry caterpillar. Shameless creatures. So it made the perfect accessory for Halloween, but now, as my official mourning period comes to an end next week, new leaves have sprouted. Life goes on.

Last Christmas the family was complete, albeit Daddy’s inability to eat, but we all sat around the table. That Christmas Eve I knew in my heart it would be our last together. So when Champagne and I decorated the frangipani this afternoon, I couldn’t help but wish Mommy and Daddy were around to nod in approval. Although if they were around I would have put up the Christmas tree instead, simply to watch Mommy clap her hands in glee and Daddy roll up to the tree to inspect whether I had strung the lights on the way he taught me.

Champagne inspected the decorations one by one, with a gentle attitude, and a soft touch. She took it one item at a time, savoring the moment, showing me ethat we have to take little steps to move forward.

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