Grins and Winds

There is something utterly charming when a grinning farmer shows up at my office door with a box of fresh vegetables and fruits. We’ve reached the point where he lets himself in the gate and shouts Bom Dia Senhora Theresa! I would never allow this to happen in the big city, but up here in shire, last names are almost offensive. He asked how my week was and how my day is going while I handed over the empty box from last week, and I wish him a safe journey and a good day.

Autumn is definitely in the air with temperatures dropping steadily. We have had 12C for the past two mornings, and that means swapping cold drinks for herbals teas. Last week’s farm box contained a bunch of fresh sage and lemon grass. All the recipes I know that use these herbs are more intended to larger meals and not suited (or not worth the effort) for just one person. So I gnawed on the thought for a while until it hit me. I have the perfect combination for a fabulous herbal tea. So for the past days I have had a thermos of lemon grass, sage and ginger tea beside me and it is divine! I am always cautious with using sage, but in combination with lemon grass, it is the perfect balance. Ah yes, autumn can roll in.

The baker is upset that I haven’t popped out for my usual forage in his van, but his timing has been such that he arrived right when I was in the middle a call, and since he only stays five minutes, I could literally hear my pastries rolling away. And to think he always tries to reserve at least one croissant for me. Oh well, there is still quite a bit of week left.

I haven’t run into the mailman yet, but I did find my first letters in the mailbox – real honest to goodness letters and postcards, not bills! Good heavens I almost jumped for joy in the middle of the street! What a thrill to begin receiving personal mail again, and not just a pile of bills or junk mail. I suppose the advantage of living so far out is that none of the usual junk mail distributors would even bother to find their way up here.

I leave you today with a photograph that speaks for itself and is reminder of our own personal resilience. Will you be the fresh green or succumb to being just another rock stuck under years of pressure? Break free!

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