Master Frog Is Home

My eyes and body are exhausted, but I am too excited to sleep. In a few hours (as of this writing) my daughter and cat are landing in Lisbon and will make their way up to the Shire, to the Frobbit House. Be it Berlin or here in the Shire, excitement is high, bags are packed, and the cat is oblivious to it all. Well, until tomorrow morning when she doesn’t get breakfast and instead gets carted off to the airport. Oh that will be a story to tell tomorrow!

Today, however, the Meditation Room took a significant step towards its completion, and I am incredibly grateful that the courier did not give up that easily. He smiled triumphantly when I confirmed I was indeed the intended recipient! But the rest of the story best told in photographs:

The mysterious box
A face emerges
The Master revealed
A Zen Tableau

This frog is a handmade creation of Anja Strößenreuther in Germany, with the most amusing website: (the concrete witch). The original plan for this area was a classic Buddha, but when I stumbled on this meditating frog, there was no way I could have passed him up! Ironic isn’t it? that this fellow had to travel all the way from Germany find his home in Portugal, just like me, which makes him even more important. He is the anchor that grounds everything in my life at the moment. It is not about making a grand gesture or loud statement anymore. It is simple abundance.

When I sent the picture of The Master to a friend earlier this afternoon, he remarked with a chuckle, So, the rains brought you a frog. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as if paving the way in the most auspicious manner. Another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

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