A Prof. McGonagall Moment

The hurricane / cyclone / tropical storm Danielle has moved on, but not without leaving widespread flooding and devastation in her wake. Good riddance if you ask me, but we are still experiencing the aftermath. The rains and the winds are still hanging around for good measure, but that also means that the parched soil that has plagued the country this year due to the drought have gotten a good soaking.

I walked around the house this morning and decided that the windows were due for a good scrubbing soon. Lo and behold, an hour later a torrential rain came pouring down and continued to do so for the next two hours. Voila! I have sparkling clean windows again! Be careful what you wish for, as the old adage goes. If wishing for clean windows means heavy rains each time, maybe I should do it once a month at least… jokes aside, it never ceases to amaze me how Mother Nature takes care of things in her own way. This storm was a dramatic reminder that the universe will somehow conspire to provide you with the desired outcome, just probably not in the manner you had planned on.

What’s cooking? ©FrogDiva Photography

Enough chit chat… you must be wondering about the title of this entry. Well, today seems to have been my magical kitty day. First Xico marched right into the house when I opened the door to air the living room. She walked around as if she owned the place, and I let her because the new queen of the house is arriving in two days and such walk-in clientele will no longer be tolerated by the new management. I was having my lunch and Xico headed straight to the kitchen to check the place out. Since she always gets bullied by the others during milk time, I fed her in the kitchen, for which I was profusely thanked the feline way.

Bowl’s empty now ©FrogDiva Photography

While I was cooking lunch my attention was drawn to a black and white kitten eagerly peering in. Word about the milk bar must be spreading even among the younger ones, so I opened the window but she was far too shy and dashed off. Later in the evening while I was cleaning up in the kitchen, I saw two faces staring intently at me, kitten and what seems to be Momma. Aha, kitty brought reinforcements… I refilled the bowl and they sorted out their business. Just before closing up for the night, after I turned off the lights, I looked out the window and stood still. There on the patio wall sat the kitten, illuminated only by the streetlight, but since she sat in the shadows, only her silhouette was outlined. She sat perfectly still with her paws tucked in, staring into the house just like Prof. McGonagall did in Harry Potter. I half expected Dumbledore to swoop in with his deluminator, followed by Hagrid on his flying motorbike. The only thing missing was an owl or two. How many feline customers / friends do I have now? Well kitten makes six but I’m pretty sure I missed a few.

In spite of the rains, it was a pretty good day, the highlight of which was the arrival of my weekly farmer’s box. Today was a treat, as it included mangoes, sweet potatoes, giant tomatoes, lemons, oranges, red peppers, eggs and mushrooms.

Organic treasure box ©FrogDiva Photography

As always, what elevates the day from ordinary to extraordinary are the people who brighten up my day through calls, mails, chats, messages, or deliveries. There is no equivalent to kindness, authenticity and generosity of spirit other than reciprocity. And I feel truly blessed. Whether you are in Lisbon, Puebla, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Madrid, Berlin or Delhi, know that you made a huge difference in my day by simply BEING.

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