While waiting

Making a photographer wait at a bustling train station can only lead to one thing… or more… images. So to balance out the train stations from this morning I decided to document a few minutes at the station while waiting for my homeward bound train.

These next shots are from this morning. In the first one, I draw your attention to the man on the escalator. He gets on every morning in Alverca and alights in Sete Rios with me. He is completely blind but self-sufficient. Someone always helps him onto the train and off but the rest he navigates on his own, although I’m not sure how he manages getting on the escalator. This morning I caught up with him at the bottom of the stairs and noticed he was heading in the wrong direction so I steered him back to the central area he was aiming for.

The second shot is a man who was having a very heated discussion with someone on the phone. I didn’t recognise the language but it sounded East European. I didn’t understand a word but the fury was universal, and was a perfect counterpart to the clouds and gusty winds. At some point I thought he was going to throw his cane!

As I roll along the river back to Vila Franca, I have to smile at the audacity of the shots today. Someone asked me how I sum up the nerve to take the shots and not get caught, whether I ever feel guilty. Guilty? Never. As for the nerve, well the years of experience make it easier, and I am loving being in the thick of things again.

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