Morning Interludes

Let me take you on a little visual journey this morning:

Alberca ©FrogDiva Photography
Povoa ©FrogDiva Photography
Santa Iria ©FrogDiva Photography
Bobadela ©FrogDiva Photography
Moscavide ©FrogDiva Photography
Oriente ©FrogDiva Photography
Braço de Prata ©FrogDiva Photography
Marvila ©FrogDiva Photography
Roma-Arreiro ©FrogDiva Photography
Entrecampos ©FrogDiva Photography
Sete Rios Metro ©FrogDiva Photography

These are some of the stations along my morning train ride. All images shot through the window with an iPhone, and I used a warm filter to give it that retro look. I admit to disliking the use of filters in general for post-processing but today I made the exception for the sake of the story.

A few stations are missing simply because there was nothing to shoot from my window unless I wanted a blank wall, and because there was someone sitting in front of me, I couldn’t move my phone further down the window.

The guy next to me was wondering what the hell I was up to but in the end he was more preoccupied with his Facebook… oops my stop! Gotta jump off folks

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