Sense of Presence

“Functionalism is lethal when it is not balanced by a sense of reverence. Without reverence, there is no sense of presence or wonder. ”
John O’Donohue,

The quote above captures my personal philosophy on photography. I have never been hooked on the technicality of the camera, which I admit, has had its pitfalls along the way. As technology develops and each of the top manufacturers churn out better and more powerful tools to create beautiful images, I have to stop and wonder if we photograpers remember what it is all about.

Yes, of course the camera and its handling are of supreme importance.
Yes, the understanding of all its functions make a difference in the shots.
And yes, of course it matters whether you understand – and apply – the basics of photography. BUT, and this is a big BUT, none of this matters if there is no respect, reverence, presence in the moment and sense of wonder that creates an intimacy between subject and photographer.

In all my years of being a documentary photographer, many have been the times when I compeltely forgot about the camera because I was so caught up in the subject. It is the eyes that always draw me it, but sometimes it really does boil down to reverence. It is no secret that photography is a form of prayer to me, so let me share some of my favourite prayers with you today.

Flexibility at Work ©FrogDiva Photography
Girl Time ©FrogDiva Photography
The Rain Can Come ©FrogDiva Photography
A Mother’s Work Is Never Done ©FrogDiva Photography
Lean on Me ©FrogDiva Photography
Mama’s Arms ©FrogDiva Photography
Princes of Rocks ©FrogDiva Photography

I could tell you a million and one stories about each image. But today I wanted the moments to speak for themselves, and to share their presence and my reverence of their souls.

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