The Travelling Pearls II

In order to appreciate this blog entry, please read THIS first…

Not long after I wrote the first blog on the pearls, the darn things went missing! I couldn’t find them anywhere and was absolutely devastated, feeling I had betrayed myself and my heritage for losing my pearls. The FrogDiva is NEVER without pearls, regardless of what the outfit of the day is; the more rugged the outfit the greater the reason to wear pearls! In any case, going without my favourite pearl earrings and not knowing where they had vanished to felt as though a piece of me had died. I know, I know, this sounds a tad over melodramatic, but my pearls have always been that special bridge between worlds, generations and cultures.

I picked up a lot of invaluable advise from my mother-in-law while she was still alive. She was always full of these wonderful nuggets of wisdom and down-to-earth advise that made her the special woman she was. One of those gems was a mantra for lost things. Mama always said that if you something around the house, that is no reason to panic because “das Haus verliert nichts” (the house never loses anything). This has been proven to be true over and over again, especially when we packed up our things for the next move / relocation to another country.

Well, I’m not moving but I took it upon myself to overhaul and re-arrange the bedroom this weekend, and moved the bed aside. I’m “inheriting” furniture from my neighbour and needed to carve out some space. In any case, I found a lot of buried treasure under the bed that went unnoticed for goodness knows how long! The cats never said or found anything and the place became an evil variation of the proverbial Black Hole. I could probably find more things with greater ease in my basement storage than under the bed…

As I swept and cleaned, I spotted something on the floor that didn’t quite belong with the pile of rubbish I was about to throw away. Upon closer inspection I realised it was my pearl earnings! Both of them! Many years ago my mother taught me to always clip or pin earrings together so that the pair was never broken. Of course, the down side to this is that if you misplace them, both of them go missing. But there they were, elegant and radiant amidst the dust and undesirables.

Naturally, this was another opportunity to interpret a message from the universe, reminding me that not all that goes missing is lost. Sometimes they simply hide and re-emerge at a later time when you are ready to pay attention.

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