Sprummer and Twofie

No, the title is definitely not a new crime series, but it probably should be…

It is impossible to give a definitive name to the weather in Berlin at the moment. Yes, I actually am opening this blog with a bland weather statement! It’s not quite Spring anymore but definitely not Summer, so let’s call it a Sprummer for argument’s sake. If my cat Cherry were a meteorologist she would be a very rude one and no TV station in their right mind would ever hire her based on her Sprummer opinions. Nevertheless, I agree with most of her assessments, seeing that she is bitterly disappointed each time we wake up to a cloudy, windy day – and Sprummer is very generous with those at the moment.

My balcony is thriving with the daisies and carnations, and my rosebush looks as if it’s on illegal steroids, experiencing a bizarre growth spurt. We are into our Isecond year of a rather prickly relationship, and this is the longest affair I’ve ever had with a rosebush. I tend to be over-generous (as is my natural Cancer self) to a narcissist, which bites me in the butt (or finger) sooner rather than later. I do have a great capacity for learning though, and I have definitely learned my lesson with roses – less is more, and like any prescribed method of dealing with narcissists, distance is the best medicine. Let’s see how generous the blooms are this year. Gotta love Sprummer!

Weather, cats, and plants, check. What else can I bore you with today? Oh yes, sunshine and photography. Germany has truly gotten under my skin and you begin so see this in my latest productions. I can’t even blame it on the pandemic and isolation, or even the New Moon or Mercury retrograde, it’s just part of an evolving process.

Sprummer light is unique in the sense that you have bursts of bright and warm sunshine but with clouds acting as natural filters. I find this gives a unique glow to anything you shoot in this light, especially portraits. In a fit of restlessness and inspiration I cornered my muse and held her at lenspoint for a few shots. Sometimes motherhood overrides photographerhood (no that’s not an official term but it should be) and the unsuspecting 100% organic models (aka our children) end up being framed in the truest sense.

While we were at it, it was the perfect opportunity to do another twofie – now that is a word, Lord how I hate how our language is degenerating due to modern technology – which we haven’t done since January. The long-overdue mother-daughter shot took several attempts until we both liked the final results, but these moments are always fun.

The cats did not escape my lens either, especially droopy loopy Lolita, who just sits there and bats her pretty little eyes at me.

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