Jumping from 6 to 11

By this I mean from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 11 – it is a hell of a jump and I am still in a daze. If you have never used an iPhone before and plunge right in with this model, you better make sure you are tech savvy and love fiddling around with gadgets, because user friendly it is not, and definitely not for the uninitiated.

Having said that, let me say that I absolutely love the phone and have no regrets whatsoever spending hours trying to figure things out – where would I be without all the tutorial videos? I am no engineer nor computer scientist, so I will not even attempt to evaluate the nitty gritty on the engineering side. There is a plethora of those on the net already that you can refer to. I am, however, a photographer and I wanted to share a few thoughts on the much hyped about camera feature launched with the iPhone 11.

NB: The strange colouring or lack of vibrancy is a WordPress issue not the iPhone, something I have yet to resolve.

Needless to say, I am impressed, both with the landscape and macro features, as well as the candid portraiture. It is a good argument for ditching the little digital camera that I would otherwise carry with me everywhere. I haven’t gotten my hands on an iPhone12 Pro yet to see the actual results, but I wanted to share it here with you and give you my first impressions. 

Mobile phone cameras have come a long way in the past three years, be it the iPhone, Samsung, or even Huwei – they have all understood the power of social media and stepped up to the plate to deliver. This is a phone that is selfie, twofie or even groupfie friendly, but also pet friendly. My cats, for example, don’t give me the stinky eye if I just point the phone at them instead of the camera, which tends to befuddle Lolita in particular, and I have to work twice as hard to lure Cherry to look into the lens.

Nothing, absolutely nothing can ever replace the power and clarity of proper professional equipment, but if you are like me, your 50s with increasing body pains from carrying equipment over the years, you welcome any opportunity to reduce the burden and still have fun on a daily basis. 

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