An open letter to the Capitol Hill Hooligans

Dear Capitol Hill Hooligans,

Yes you, whoever you are who turned a protest march into a disgraceful shredding of the dignity and power of democracy. You know who you are, because your faces are plastered all over the news agencies around the world, and have certainly been captured by the CCTV cameras in whatever hallowed halls you chose to deface.

Whether you like it or not, the people have spoken, and I only presume that you did as well, last November at the polls. The political maturity of a nation is always reflected in the ability of its citizens to elect their leaders in a peaceful and orderly manner. All candidates for office take their chances and gamble their work, careers and reputation for an opportunity to serve the United States of America. This is what your people fought to build over the past four centuries. As in every election around the globe, every candidate knows that not everyone can be winners, and some will go home empty handed at the end of the day, but that is how the system works and protects you. The moment you take matters into your own hands and go against the very fibre of what democracy means and who it represents then you turn it into anarchy me and that, my dear hooligans, is not what America what built on.

There were those who voted for the man who so vehemently refuses to accept defeat, to be humble enough to accept the will of the people he swore to protect against all enemies, and those who voted otherwise. That is your right and preference, and nobody can take that away from you. But you have no right to take away the voice and choice of others.

Little did the American people realise four years ago, that the greatest betrayal to the country would emanate from the Oval Office itself, from the Commander-in-Chief who has no interest in serving the people, and childishly bullies everyone he can to support unfounded claims. Yes, you Capitol Hill Hooligans, you who defended the traitor and in doing so became co-conspirators yourselves, should equally held accountable for crimes against your country, your democracy, and your lives. You should be stripped of your citizenship, since you obviously have no understanding of its value, nor do you possess the maturity to accept defeat.

Presidents will come and go, but at the end of the day it is you the people who determine the course of the nation, the future of your children, and the legacy of a culture. Capitol Hill is sacrosanct to American democracy, living proof of the institutions that have been established, tried and tested over the years to give you the life that so many in impoverished countries can only dream of. Instead of displaying the maturity of a nation that has checks and balances you took to the streets and chose to deface the building, the election, and saddest of all, make a mockery of the American Dream. Freedom is not doing as you please and throwing a tantrum when things don’t go your way, but respecting the fact that others may differ from your opinion, values, and choices. Accept and respect. Learn the meaning of those words and once you figure it out you can probably teach them to the man currently sitting in office for the remaining 13 days.

May you live with the shame of your actions for the rest of your lives, knowing that you blindly chose to follow the lies and be blinded by the anger, losing all objectivity and self-control. You have accomplished nothing to be proud of, and the world will forever remember January 7, 2021 for the day that American democracy was shattered by a bunch of hooligans. Is this truly the legacy you want your children to remember you for? Are the four lives you sacrificed so insignificant to you that you still choose to be herded by more lies?

Grow up people! The point of a democracy is to give everyone a chance to serve, participate, have a voice, pursue a dream – and if you don’t make it to office, then there are other ways to serve your country and make that dream come true.

Live and let live.

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