Fatum Praemisit

Fatum (lat: ahead, in front)
Praemisit (lat: destiny, fate, future) 

“In any given moment, we have two options: to step forward into growth, or to step back into safety. Growth must be chosen again and gain; fear must be overcome again and again.”
– Abraham Maslow

Each photographer has a flagship image, one that defines the path chosen and the single image that became the turning point. 

This is mine. 

Taken in Agra, this is part of the entrance wings leading into (or away) from the Taj Mahal complex. To me it was a more fascinating moment than the Taj itself, simply because the tunnel and the uncertainty of what lies ahead is what drew me it. What looks like a black, blank wall, a dead end, is in fact an intersection leading to a completely different world, out of the comfort zone.

Don’t be fooled by the temporary illusions of dead ends, heaven knows I have made that mistake far too often in my lifetime. There are alternative routes open to the side or the greater path just up the road, it is just a matter of curiosity, sense of adventure, courage, and the innate ability to get up and out of your comfort zone.

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