Re-creating Old Hollywood Glamour: Sophia Loren

The photography adventures continue!

Yesterday we had every intention to fully re-create the Rita Hayworth look, but when my daughter / model finished styling herself, I took one look at her and realised this was Sophia Loren all the way!

A quick look into some of the old shots of Sophia served as guides, and with the gorgeous afternoon sunlight streaming through the window, I clicked away.

Homage to Sophia Loren II ©FrogDiva Photography

The resemblance to a young Sophia is uncanny and as I processed the photos the hair at the back of my neck stood up. It is an incredible learning process for both of us, and I still have no idea where we are going with all this. For now, we are simply enjoying the ride, the creative afternoons, and who knows, it might just be a turning point of sorts, one of those unexpected twists and turns Life likes to throw at you from time to time.

Click HERE for the complete set of photographs.

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