Less is More

Strutting individuality ©FrogDiva Photography

This applies to photography, interior design, and my life in general, but in this case I refer to less TV at night and more down time for other things that keep getting pushed to the weekend. I realised that ever since I started living alone Netflix and Amazon Prime Video took over my evenings, to an alarming rate that I even got caught up in binge-watching. It has taken me over a year to convince myself that there is no eminent reason to rush home after work (well, two grumpy cats) and can instead indulge in night photography on the way. Or, if the weather decides otherwise, then good old-fashioned music, reading, photo processing or my favourite pastime, writing.

Fascination ©FrogDiva Photography

Gardening is best done in daylight, and you passionate gardeners out there please don´t laugh at this sentence, but i tried re-potting something at night in my conservatory but it felt too much like a conspiracy. The plants were or the same opinion, and those I re-potted by daylight are thriving, whilst the night victims are evidently struggling. So gardening after work, at least in winter, is out of the question. Time will come in summer when the sun will only set after 9:00pm and then it will no longer make a difference, but for now, no more night gardening!

Trying on the (modelling) shoe ©FrogDiva Photography

Last night I drew the line and turned my back on movies, cranked up the music, and sorted out old photo prints. Bit of back story here: when I moved away from Bangkok in 2016, my entire trunk of pre-digital photo archives was left behind, and I have been receiving them in small batches over the past 18 months. Each packet is a joy to comb through and I have rekindled my friendship with the scanner who converts them into .jpeg files, thereby allowing me to restore them digitally even just a bit. There were some wonderful treasures in there, which are scattered among this entry. In short, there will be a lot less couch-potatoing and more foraging into the archives or hidden corners of Berlin

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