January’s Revenge

After everyone else around me has been battling the cold or the flu, it finally caught up with me. I thought I had managed to sail right past it and was about to toot my horn about the power of vitamin C and all, but nooooo, the weather had to to all menopausal and blow hot and cold, dry and wet all at the same time. Sunny and windy one minute, rainy and gloomy the next. So yes, half the city is generating a massive profit margin for the tissue companies this month.

The Bared Core II ©FrogDiva Photography

Sigh, just when I thought we were going to see early shades of Spring in February with the steadily rising temperatures – we hit 14C the other day – Frosty decided it was too boring to see people smiling in the sunshine and ditching their umbrellas. So this morning we woke up to -1C, and even my cats gave me a look of disdain when I opened the windows and balcony door to air the apartment. Although I shouldn’t complain, considering the blizzards hitting Canada at the moment – just saw the photos of Newfoundland! How is that much snow even possible?

The Bared Core III ©FrogDiva Photography

Nevertheless, much as my bed had my name written on it, I had to run out for an appointment this morning, and ended up grumbling while layering up properly, though my head was no longer in the game. While I was still enjoying my breakfast in the conservatory the sun was shining and I thought it would be good enough to attempt an outdoor photoshoot in my favourite field, but by the time I stepped out the sun had completely vanished. OK, forget the expedition to Teletubbyland over the hills and far away, I made do with my nature reserve right around the corner. I have to say, the crop was pretty decent. Pass the hot lemon tea please!

Click HERE for the complete series of The Bared Core

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