Christmas Countdown Day 2: Girl Power

When in Berlin for the holidays, my daughter inevitably visits her best friend. M and M have been friends since Pre-School and in spite of the fact that we moved away from Berlin in 2006 the girls managed to keep in touch in the most marvellous way, which I attribute to the magic of the internet generation.

Both girls are musically talented, artistic, lean strongly towards dark colours as far as their fashion sense is concerned, neither one has siblings, and both come from tight-knit families with very deep cultural roots. Berlin became their common anchor and adopted home, even when life took them down very different academic paths.

Amidst the turbulence of both these women’s lives, their friendship remained a constant, growing with them, and providing a trusted familiarity that each of them can count on no matter what. Theirs is a bond that transcends geography and any manmade calendar or clock. They love with all their heart, sing from the soul, and protect those who are important to them.

Girl Power 2019 ©MT Herzog

I am blessed with my soul sisters whom I can run to when all hell breaks loose, cry over broken pieces or rejoice the triumphs, and my heart rejoices in the knowledge that my daughter has had her soul sister since Pre-School. As individuals they are unique, talented, beautiful and strong, gifted with the ability to bounce back from whatever tragedy life has put in their path. They also share the admirable trait of being good, loyal, supportive daughters, having been raised as friends and confidantes.

I salute these two wonderful women, the transformation of their girl power into women of substance.

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