Christmas Countdown Day 10: Dialogue

The Cloud Dialogues – Sunset, Silhouette and Dialogue
©FrogDiva Photography

 It is not living which is of most importance, but living well. 

Dialogue has been the centre of my life these past three days. When given the precious gift of time by people that truly matter to me, I make sure that true dialogue takes place, not just conversation. The difference between these two forms of communication is something I took to heart years ago when I first entered development work.

Hesitation, restraint, and tainted truths make a dialogue ineffective and pointless, demoting it to a simple conversation. But when the heart and soul are opened, pouring out thoughts and sharing understanding it becomes a life-changing experience.

I am not going to ramble on today about the philosophy of Dialogue. Socrates has summed it up for me already. The dialogues that aim to understand our complicated lives and troubled souls are cathartic, yes, but also the primary substance and foundation to living well. We are all masters of existing and existence, regardless of whether others take cognisance of it, and some of us even manage to live, but to live well is the challenge of a lifetime, has nothing to do with your material wealth.

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