Santa’s Pole Dance

From Pole to Pole ©FrogDiva Photography

If Santa were allowed to have some fun on Christmas and were let loose around the German Christmas markets for some mulled wine (Glühwein), he would indeed end up doing the pole dance on one of Berlin’s numerous old-fashioned street lamps, especially if he visited all 80 Christmas markets in the city!

Christmas in Germany is all well and good, somber and to some extent romantic, but compared to the Christmases I grew up with in Mexico, the USA and the Philippines, it pales anaemically in comparison. I miss the joy and cheer, but most important of all, the dawn masses and everything around it, being part of a community and feeling the convergence of spiritual and cultural roots.

Commercialism you have everywhere around the world, as well as the twinkling lights and drunken merriment, but if you ask the man on the street here in Berlin, he won’t be able to explain the religious concept of Advent at all other than the fact it is four weeks before Christmas and that is when the Christmas markets take place.

I had a bit of fun with my decorations last evening, and took this paper mâché decoration as a victim, much to the amusement of one of my cats who was half awake. Nostalgia hit me hard this tonight, and I am so glad I went through the trouble of fixing up the apartment – not for guests or family, not even for the sake of tradition but for the first time in my life, just for myself and the needs of my soul.

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