Transitions ©FrogDiva Photography

If there is one thing photography has taught me over the years is that change is constant. Not everything stands still for you or bends to your will, and as the holder of the camera you are slave to the movements, moments and the most minute changes. It is all about seeing and seizing the moment, emotion, and sometimes, the gap in the wind.

Photography, like other fields in life, is a playground where you cannot effort to stand still and indulge in the delusion that you know it all. It is incredibly easy to stagnate in this craft, and the secret to making it fulfilling to the soul is not to stick to the same tried and tested method.

Playing it safe in photography eventually gets boring, both for the photographer and the audience. To be pinned down to a particular style or signature look is like accepting that you have reached the end of the road and that there is nothing else beyond that wall.


It is the fearless and the experimental people in this world that leave a mark. Sometimes you fall flat on your face during a launch and the initial reception will be rather cool (or ice cold), but you do what you do because you want to and like it, not because the audience dictates so.

Having said that, many of you who follow my photography have noticed that I have gone full experimental throughout November. Yes, I am in constant search of something new and remain unafraid to push boundaries and be completely and utterly unpredictable.

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