The Mysterious Gifts

Back in August I wrote about a secret admirer who anonymously left me 2 kg of potatoes at my doorstep. The mystery was never solved no matter how much I cross-examined the neighbours. I served the potatoes at the summer picnic and it became a bit of a joke and highly amusing. After that it was all quiet and I assumed the potatoes had been a fluke, having fallen out of someone’s shopping bags.

We are not saying a word ©FrogDiva Photography

Then yesterday morning I stepped out of my flat on my way to work and lo and behold there was a cute little green toy frog at my doorstep! Also anonymous, and it had been gingerly placed together with the other two guardian frogs at the door. I think it is time to drill a hole into one of the frogs and install a spy camera or sorts if this continues. So far nobody has come forward and there is no further clue as to who the mystery gift-giver is.

Mysterious origins ©FrogDiva Photography

Some people receive flowers, plants and chocolates, where as my life tends to be a bit more colourful and I end up receiving very different items instead. It is indeed entertaining to see what will pop up next, but I would love to be able to thank the person personally for the thoughtfulness and generosity.

Someone also pointed out that it might be a scam, leaving things at my door and then sending me a bill later on. But who on earth would want to sell potatoes in this manner when they can be sold 100-fold in the supermarket or weekly market? There are gypsies who get on the subway or tram and leave tissue packs or candy beside you, and then return to collect your donation if you so choose, otherwise they take their stuff back. But even they leave a note!

When I got home from work last night the frog had been placed on his head, butt sticking up as if getting ready for a headstand. I was so exhausted and too cold to take a photo of it and brought the new addition to the collection in to meet the rest of the clan.

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