The Sitting Duck (Part I)

Ever had one of those days where you felt like a sitting duck (Lockente or pato de señuelo) in the middle of a pond waiting to get shot? Ask any young mother with toddlers or middle-aged parents of teenagers acting out. If you don’t have children in the difficult ages (or a blissfully out of that phase already), then maybe you are experiencing at work. In any case it is that nagging sensation that the whole worlds wants something from you and that something big is about to happen but there are no indications about the how and when. Hmmmm.

Maybe it is an intense desire to have things go my way for a change, getting impatient about projects initiated months or weeks ago to come to fruition, or simply desperate to get out of the rut. In any case, working through something new and challenging helps with my multiple personalities, at least to take my mind off things.

Let´s start with the Frog Photographer: In the previous entry I mentioned a new gallery collection on my photography website with experimental images wherein I went way out of my comfort zone in terms of post processing. I consider stagnation to be the ultimate nightmare in my book, so before I end up in that ditch, it is time to learn a few new tricks. On that note, this is a preview of what happened:

Out of Bounds 1 ©FrogDiva Photography
Out of Bounds 2 ©FrogDiva Photography
Out of Bounds 3 ©FrogDiva Photography

Basically I have ditched everything considered “normal” and taken it to another dimension. Not only is it a change of perspective, but also an adventure into the world of suspended animation. Isn´t that what photography is all about though? Suspending time and space and manipulating it to our own interpretation of reality.

Some are better at it than others, some choose to never learn their lesson, but then there are the photographers whom I choose to classify as the Trekkies, because they choose “to seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before“. The Trekkie photographer has an ongoing love affair with negative space, a few quickies with light and shadow, but never ever sacrifices the soul. Do that, and you end up with insignificant collages that get labeled as Fine Art and probably even sell, but will always leave me wondering what happened to the soul and integrity along the way.

To be continued…

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