11:11 on 11.11

For those of you into astrology, numerology and the esoteric, 11/11 is a significant day of great spiritual convergence. For those practicing Wicca, the powers are especially strong today, reaching their peak at 11:11. Some also refer to November 11 as Twin Flames Day, something I personally can’t relate to simply because I have yet to find a Twin Flame (note, as the article explains, a Twin Flame is not to be confused or interchanged with a soulmate).

11/11 ©FrogDiva Photography

Elsewhere around the world there are numerous holidays and memorial days being celebrated, Remembrance Day, Veterans’ Day, Armistice Day in numerous countries, all commemorating the fallen soldiers. Here in Germany it is St. Martin’s Day, whilst in Thailand Loi Krathong is being celebrated, my favourite Thai holiday. Then there is also Singles’ Day, which originated in China and has taken the world by storm. The marketing mania and consumerism of course went ballistic with the Singles Day offers and it just drove me nuts. Why does being single have to be highlighted extra?

I no longer have a small child to go on the St. Martin’s procession with this year, and it is too darn cold to be outdoors for me, bonfire or not, so I lit up all the candles and fairy lights at home instead and will have my own version of St. Martin, without eating the goose either!

The temperatures are dropping steadily and the warm coats are here to stay. The decade is slowly coming to a close, and I can’t help but wonder what 2020 has in store for me and the rest of the world. If today’s vibrations and conjunctions are anything to go by though, November 11, 2019 marks a major turnaround and ushers in a new, positive, and powerful phase.

Pagoda ©FrogDiva Photography

Maybe I just need something to believe in, but something nudged me to try something different and out of my comfort zone. Check out my latest gallery collection and you will understand what I mean. I believe in pushing the limits when it comes to my craft, whether it is in the written form or photography, growth means exploring boundaries, going beyond the comfort zone and embracing the unfamiliar. It is a bold move, unconventional and definitely non-traditional, and the secret, I discovered, is to have a solid foundation to begin with.

In short, at 11:11 on 11.11 I was surrounded by candles, burning intention lists, chanting, and then smudging the home with sage, casting out negative energies and hoping for major turning points. Let’s see what this brings.


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