Gratitude Moments II: Knit, Knot, Crochet

The Universe is trying to tell me something, and perhaps it is time to sit up and listen… well sit up and do something about it at least. Earlier this month I told you about my friend SG who was on the Camino to Santiago de Compostela and then proceeded to Fatima. On the day she landed in Madrid, SG mailed a package for me which she had lovingly lugged all the way from Manila. It arrived in Berlin three days later and it was the most adorable care package I could ever receive from my Manila Soul Sisters.

There was a time when care packages sent from Manila consisted mostly of cooking ingredients to sustain the upkeep of a self-respecting Filipino kitchen or medicine cabinet (Mama Sita products, dried mangoes, Magic Sarap, Salonpas, White Flower, Alaxan), and even up to the day I moved away from Manila for the last time in 2017, MLTU and SG provided me with boxes of supplies (some of which I just finished three months ago!). Imagine my delight to receive another package from my Soul Sisters, but this time containing pearl earrings, a bracelet and a crocheted shawl (hand crocheted by MLTU herself). I had previously told them that my local Asian supermarkets in Berlin were so well stocked with all the favourite products that there was no more need to send anything from Manila. Ah but soul sisterhood knows no boundaries… and labour of love even less. This awoken the urge to resume my crocheting, something I haven´t done since my daughter was in kindergarten!

The Journey of a Shawl ©FrogDiva Photography

In addition to my soul sisters, I am also blessed with some adorable neighbours. On some days I find mysterious packs of potatoes in front of my door, on others, like this morning, I found a knitted acorn keychain, lovingly left on my doormat with a cute note and a not-so-subtle hint to join the knitting group!

Hints of Fall: “Knitting is Cool” ©FrogDIva Photography

Hmmmm… to knit or crochet, that is the question. All throughout my elementary days in convent school with the nuns, crocheting and sewing were mandatory. I did really well with one, and almost got kicked out of school for the other. To this day I hate sewing with a passion, especially embroidery!

Thank you to the beautiful souls and women of substance who created and shared.

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