My Nine Lives

I travel for at least three lifetimes ©FrogDiva Photography

Dear Human Blog Readers,
Hey there, sorry I skipped writing on my usual Sunday, but I had emotional support duties and when it comes to Mom, she takes priority. Anyway, I want to bust a myth that keeps floating around among you humans, and that is the ludicrous idea that we cats have nine lives. Nine?! Good grief, we have enough trouble with one sometimes, especially those of us who have been abused and neglected by previous owners, so why on earth would we want live of the same? No thanks.

But the Shakespearean myth that we play for three lives, stray for three, and finally stay for three lives is a bit bizarre. Maybe it applies to alleycats, but I can’t possible envision that for myself.

There is also the idea of nine lives originating from my Chinese ancestors who believe that nine is a lucky number, the so-called trinity of trinities, and since we are marvellously agile and always land on our feet, you humans assume that we have extended our lives for another three, tricking Death out of taking us too early. I mean, who would catch all the birds, mice and rats if we only had one lifetime to do so?

We have been feared just as much as we have been revered and worshipped over the centuries, never really losing our place of honour in society. Believe me, we never let you humans forget it, which is why we own you, and not the other way around. We are guests in your home, in the same manner that you are guests in our lives – fleeting moments where we share shelter, warmth, and sometimes, if you are lucky, friendship.

Maybe that is why we need nine lives – it takes us eight to figure out what kind of life we really like, and the ninth to live it out. Not a bad theory either, but it would be far too tiring for me to be a diva all nine lives!
Meowingly yours,

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