Meet Johnny Skel E. Ton

If I am going to be stuck going to physiotherapy for the next few weeks (the second round) I might as well have a little fun. Yesterday, while in the middle of a very painful session, my eyes fell upon the skeleton in the corner, and I asked my physiotherapist whether he had a name (the skeleton, not the therapist). He grinned and said that in all these years I was very first patient to ever ask the skeleton’s name, and hence I was formally introduced to Johnny.

We all have one… ©FrogDiva Photography

Unlike most medical skeletons in other clinics I have encountered, including my orthopaedist, the skeletons don’t have eyes in the sockets. This is what I found so amusing about Johnny, who has one blue and one green eye… but photographing him in colour was just a tad too creepy.

Skeletons in the closet – we all have them and in the past months of psychotherapy I have learned to let them out and deal with them one painful step at a time. They should not be pushed further back and ignored, for the dust and cobwebs they gather become heavy and rob me of sleep. For all I know they might just jump out and haunt me when I least expect it.

There are a lot of unpleasant memories and experiences to be dealt with, and sometimes I wish I could just ignore them all, push them right back into the closet from whence they emerged. Unfortunately, unless I confront them I will never heal, or find the strength to fight back.

Albeit the humorous take on Johnny Skel E. Ton, this is my way of drudging up something that I need to face in the next weeks. Stay tuned!

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