Weeeeee! New Meds

Dear Human Blog Readers,
For the past month I have had to wear a medical jumper because of a severe allergy I have had. It seems that I have become extremely allergic to most cat food, so Mom has put me on a strict diet, and since it is impossible to limit all three of us to their own bowl (we like to share and taste) she has placed everyone on sensitive / hypoallergenic food. The jumpers are a pain, but it’s not as if I have a choice in the matter. It minimises the scars from all the scratching, is a far more acceptable option than wearing a cone, and all the open wounds are healing. Although I have lost most of my fur in the process, so no current photos of the cat diva for now.

The sizes of these jumpers are not always the right one, either too small or too large, depending on where they are made. So an XS from the Netherlands is definitely not the same as an XS from China. I keep slipping out of one and can barely breathe in the other. The zebra-patterned one was too big, the bright orange Dutch football uniform was too thin ( I made a couple of new holes in it), the pastel pink onesie with a cute cutout at the back was waaaaay too small, and until this morning, I was wearing military fatigues which scared the bejeezers out of Cherry. Finally Mom decided to buy me dog (DOG!) pyjamas, which are much more comfortable, fit just right, and cover all the important parts. In the current heat, these weird canine pjs are surprisingly pleasant, and I didn’t have to pee on the bed cover in protest.

Then there is my medication. I get massaged with a honey-based balm for all the itches. It worked wonders on Lolita when she had to use it, and so far it is doing well on me. However, something has to be done internally to generate the regrowth of my fur and re-balance my hormones. Solution: drops, because pills and paste are just going to end up everywhere else except inside of me. Ah, but not just any drops. I have been placed on hemp oil, a special organic mixture for cats and dogs that does not contain CBD or THC (i.e. no psychotic effects). The jury is still out among the vets around the world on the use of this oil for us pet, especially in the USA. But here in Germany some holistic veterinarians recommend it for acute cases of skin irritations, an alternative to cortisone. I’ll keep you posted!
Meowingly yours,

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