My Three Souls

Yesterday I introduced you to my three lifetime travel companions Courage, Curiosity, and Faith. When asked how to characterize them as travelers, this is the description I gave:

Biker on the right… ©FrogDiva Photography

Courage is a no-nonsense tall Asian woman in black leather pants, a pirate shirt with long flowing sleeves, bright red nail polish, high-heeled boots, sitting on a Harley. The mobile phone is attached snugly to the handles, the helmet is on securely, and the Giorgio Armani perfume is where the water bottle should be. My seat is right behind her and all I have to do is hang on for dear life.

Curiosity is a Caucasian male musician with long flowing dreadlocks, a guitar on good days to motivate me, and a cello on days when I am down and discouraged. The musical instruments are packed in a simple handwoven magical backpack that can fit everything, including a piano for dramatic days. I like to think of it like my own version of Hermione´s bag, sans the tent of course. He is the modern version of the traveling Troubadours of the Middle Ages, recording the wisdom and observations on love, life and society into songs and notes. My Troubadour, however, is the one who asks all the questions about the people, places and emotions when we reach the destination Courage has driven us to.

Last but not least

Faith is a quiet Buddhist nun in long flowing robes and shaven head. I am unable to explain why it is not a Jesuit priest or even a monk, but this source of strength and serenity in the face of all the turbulence is what keeps me sane. She does not speak much, but when she does, it is to remind me that if I stop messing around with the storms, I will learn to understand the movement of life. There is complexity in her simplicity, and unfathomable depth in the lightness which which she faces the harshest conditions.

Steampunk Harley, double side car! Source: Pinterest and

Courage is not always in the drivers seat, and my life-travelling Harley is a modified one with two side cars for my travel companions. There are days when Courage decides to take a break and let Curiosity lead us to a new level. When Curiosity and Courage work in tandem, however, I end up in an adventure that often time is not planned to the last detail. It is very spontaneous in nature, and incredibly unpredictable. Ah, but when Faith takes over, we end up driving through the caves and tunnels without any headlights. Even Courage has to shake her head in awe.

The most difficult moments are those when Courage and Curiosity fall asleep, or even skip that leg of the journey, leaving me stranded with Faith holding my hand at a crossroad. That is when I have to pull the brakes, sound the sirens, gather everyone around me and have a dialogue. Our discussions are not always harmonious and trouble-free, but eventually we end up doing a lot of things many others would not…

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