Sunday Grumps

Dear Human Blog Readers,

For those of you requesting a recent photograph of my flatmates (although why you would ever need to see them and not be happy with just divalicious me, I don’t know…) but Mom said to be magnanimous, and I will.

Dragon Queen ©FrogDiva Photography

Cherry looks more like Toothless the Dragon. I have to admit, she has toned down her dragon-like behaviour although she still hisses from time to time. Otherwise she is pretty chill and very clingy when Mom is home. Her fur is growing back from the weird summer shaving she got, which is why you only get a headshot today.

Senior Citicat ©FrogDiva Photography

Granny Lolita, looking spaced out and potty as always. Her eyesight and hearing is really wonky on some days, but if she puts in a lot of effort, she can still manage to find the kitty treats.

So, I hope your curiosity is satisfied for now! Granny Lolita is particularly difficult to photograph because it is difficult to catch her awake enough to look into the camera.
Meowingly yours,

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