Mumble and Grumble

Dear Human Blog Readers,

Mom’s away for the weekend and we three girls have been left with a cat sitter. This is my second favourite cat-sitter, since my human sister has packed up and left for Florence. When I saw Mom packing her case yesterday I hoped with all my kitty heart that she was taking me along for the trip. I even sat in her suitcase without peeing on any of her clothes! But no matter how cute I made myself, there was no trace of my travel pack bring cleaned and brought down.


So I am left with Cherry and Lolita, who are just as upset that Mom has left us with the cat sitter. Lolita hid in one of our many caves even before Mom left, and refused to come out for breakfast. Cherry took the bratty path and jumped all over the kitchen counter in protest. I left my usual political statements on the places I am not supposed to.

On the other hand, we have a new thing around the house that makes cat sitting for us super interesting. It is the Litter Locker. Mom first used one at one of her cat sitting clients and fell in love with it. I have no idea why it took her so long to get one for us. Best thing that could have happened to litter cleaning! No more little plastic bags to collect the litter, and the smell is also well hidden. The kitty hygiene in our house just got upgraded three notches! And our cat sitter likes it too!

In spite of that, I am still upset that Mom didn’t take me for the trip!
Meowingly yours,

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