Classic, Yes. Techno, No!

Dear Human Blog Readers,

Here I am again, the feline blogger in Berlin with another fishbone to pick. I haven´t been out in a few days, so bear with me and my nitpickyness. Ever since our human sister left last Saturday, Mom has been busy around the house, chasing us from corner to couch, cleaning, re-arranging, and throwing a lot of my play things (aka what you humans refer to as garbage). I fail to understand why we can´t keep all those lovely paper bags, plastic covers and the mess under the bed that I absolutely adore. Ask Cherry, and she will concur that these made for the perfect hiding place! No human could ever find or reach us behind all that. But Mom is back in charge now, and what she says is where the broom goes. Well, most of the time, unless we are talking water fountains.

Mom also went back to work last Monday, which is a pity because I love having her around the house, even if I sleep a lot. But the fact that I know she is somewhere close by is comforting, rather than staring out into the empty living room or running into potty old Lolita, who could barely open her eyes yesterday (simply because she is so old she needs help cleaning her face). Mom´s absence from the house during the day means that we three cats are stuck with the radio as well for multimedia entertainment, since neither of us is allowed to use the laptop to surf while she is gone. Drat. I love online shopping, especially for new scratch posts and kitty treats.

Music to my ears ©FrogDiva Photography

In the past, the internet radio station of choice that Mom left on for us was a New Age channel from Greece. This was full of animal, forest and ocean sounds. In the beginning it was a bit spooky because I could never figure out where the owls, whales and dolphins were coming from, or the sound of rain when it was perfectly sunny outside! But when we adopted Cherry and Loli last year, these sounds calmed them down, so I went along for the ride. On some days Mom forgot our station and left us with Big Band Jazz or a local radio station, but this stressed us all out and by the time she returned from work in the evenings we were all hyper and ready to chase anything outside for the kill.

Well, she recently shuffled stations around, again, ditched the New Age station, and replaced it with Smooth Jazz from Canada, Bosa Nova from Brazil and Classical from Switzerland (Yay for our favourites Radio Swiss Jazz, and the Radio Swiss Classic!). All good choices, since they are commercial-free, and very calming. The classical music we can all agree on, and sleep through. I love the Bossa Nova because it appeals to my tropical Thai roots, but Berliner Cherry hates it. Lolita, being half deaf anyway, does not really give a crow´s feather. We do, however, have issues with the Smooth Jazz station. It might be the time difference with that country, but at some point they switch over to funky music of sorts which throws us cats way off track. Even Mom was surprised when she came home Monday evening and found us all sitting upright to the sound of New Age Techno. To our sensitive feline ears, this is just as horrible as K-Pop or Heavy Metal.

Thank You.
No Way.

After several rounds of protests, we are back to classical music, which is apparently really good for the plants as well. Will keep you posted.
Meowingly Yours,

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