Crossroads and Rebirth

Eight months ago my daughter moved in with me, taking a semester off to recover from depression, anxiety and a host of other problems. She was in a deep, dark place, her soul broken, disappointed with herself, and disillusioned with the world. We set out to heal and find a new source of motivation that would build up her self-esteem and confidence. The artist and musician were shattered, and my daughter needed her mother and a friend.

©Maike Herzog

Our journey over the last months has been shared on this blog several times over, since it was not just her journey but mine as well. The individual paths, personalities and goals joined forces, and we discovered and uncovered many new facets of one another. It is one thing to have my daughter live at home, and quite a different experience to get to know my flatmate, a beautiful soul with so much depth and talent.

Ever since she returned from Mexico, our focus was to prepare for her return to university and Florence, Italy. The question on both our minds was pretty much the same: is she ready? Today I said good-bye to my flatmate, and bid farewell to my daughter once again. She looked absolutely beautiful in her long flowing skirt, glowing skin, and there was a wonderful lightness to her aura.

She is ready.

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