Rescued: Netty Sparrow (Part II)

The morning after ©FrogDiva Photography

Netty spent most of the day yesterday buried deep in the scarf she was nestled in. Towards the evening she made a few attempts to move around, doing so clumsily and much to her frustration. I refer to Netty in the female form but I honestly have no idea of the gender…

My daughter attended a concert and spent the night over at a friend’s house, so the cats and I settled down to a quiet evening together, and all was quiet on the Netty front. Until this morning.

Drama queen ©FrogDiva Photography

Like all other birds on this planet, Netty was awake by the first sign of daybreak and boy did she have a temper! Usually Champagne is up with me around 4:30 for a drink and snack, and she is anything but quiet about it. Netty, however, outdid everyone by flapping around noisily and throwing her temper tantrums over several hours. She is testing out her wings and is trying her very best to get back to normal. There is definitely something wrong with her toe and one of her wings though, so I won’t be releasing her today. A visit to the vet is on the agenda tomorrow, so let’s see what he has to say.

Netty’s appetite is healthy, since all the sunflower seeds disappeared (I always have them at home in copious amounts for my bread baking), and the water bowl was reduced to half. She likes being talked to, is responsive when I pet her, and has taken to being very melodramatic when Champagne or Cherry inspect her. Lolita? Still snoring away oblivious to the rest of the menagerie.

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