It’s Always The Small Things

The fields are alive! ©FrogDiva Photography

That annoy me…
* the selfish commuter on the bus who blocks a seat with a backpack
* the unfriendly service at a shop or restaurant
* the nosey person at the next table who asks an indiscrete (rude) question
* the drunk on the metro leering at the women
* the plant that withered because it wanted dry soil
* the dish that was short of being delicious simply because I was short of something
* the budget that came in short this month because another bill was bigger
* a lost file (this probably should be in the big things, depending on the type of file, right up there with corrupted files)
* a missing sock
* another hole in my favourite old shirt
* cobwebs
* musty smelling laundry taking too long to dry
* the last few drops of liquid soap or shampoo
* the instructional video that crashes
* a missing part of a recipe

but then again, it is also the small things that bring me joy in the middle of a dreary day…
* the postcard from a dear friend
* the voice of a person you care deeply about
* the recognition of your work in unexpected places (two photographs of mine were given a star of recognition and deemed as inspirational)
* a cat who walks up to me and demands to be cuddled
* an empty laundry basket
* a full pantry
* a clean floor
* a spotless kitchen counter
* clean shoes
* chattering birds in the background
* nesting crows (I just discovered their nest high up in the tree this morning, never knew they could be so family-oriented and affectionate with one another)
* the silence of the room just before dawn
* the crunch of the gravel beneath my shoes on a sunny morning
* crunchy cereal after the milk has been poured
* perfectly golden pancakes
* crispy grilled cheese sandwiches
* dandelions
* clover flowers
* a bed of fresh herbs
* the new leaves on my peach and cherry trees
* new buds on my orchids

Try making your own list, but start with the negatives, like I did, and then work on the positives. You will be surprised at how many little things actually give you a reason to smile.

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