The Smell of Spring

After so many weeks of rain, sleet, and sunless days, it is strange to be basking in the sunlight again, be able to takes sunset walks along the river, and more importantly, finally take my dearest adventure cat Champagne along again! She has been cooped up since November, and with the ever-present scaffolding around the building which eats up half of our mini balcony, she hasn’t even been motivated to sit outdoors for some fresh air.

©FrogDiva Photography

Winter in Berlin with all its grey and dreariness has completely ruined my sense of outdoor pleasures, so it will take a while to get back into action. Spring is definitely in the air though, and all the plants confirm this. Although autumn is my favourite season, the beauty and freshness of spring is very special, with that unique shade of fresh green popping up all over the place and a scent of wet grass, cherry and apple blossoms, and my favourite, the magnolias. Everywhere I looked there were branches with new leaves, sturdy blades of grass covering the ground, replacing the mud and gravel. Joggers are out in full force now, as was the rowing club again. Most of the dogs out and about with their owners are also enjoying the milder temperatures, no longer being bogged down by vests or frozen surfaces. Champagne´s keen kitty senses were overwhelmed and she was so excited to be out again that she barely knew where to look. When in doubt, however, always stop and chew on grass. She is such a princess though, that she would asked to be carried over the rough gravel – she does malls, promenades and even churches, but on nature trails I always get this perplexed look of “you seriously expect me to walk on this?” She eventually got the hang of it again though, and before long she was squirmy and eager to go exploring.

©FrogDiva Photography

The winter boots and heavy down jackets can finally be put away and replaced by lighter gear. I never thought I would resent boots so much until this winter! Now that we switched back to daylight saving time, it is a joy to have more daylight, albeit the confusion of it still being bright at 8:00pm! The first batch of plants moved out of the conservatory and onto the balcony, eager for the fresh air and sunshine. Let the spring concerts begin!

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