Three C´s of Life


Three powerful words that I work up to this morning. As I read this affirmation, I knew it was a reminder to be grateful for the ability to discern, discover and dare.

Today I celebrate exactly two years to having moved to Berlin, choosing to turn my back on everything comfortable and familiar, taking my chances in a city that I never liked from the beginning, and all for the sake of change. I spent 24 months mourning my losses, making one mistake after another as part of the learning process, but I have reached the point where I can look back and be proud of everything I have achieved thus far.

I made a conscious choice, actually, several of them, knowing fully well that taking my chances in the the great unknown would be the only way to attain the much desired change. Life is not perfect, but it is not bad, and it could be much worse. Shedding the baggage, dettaching from the people, places and things that dragged me down, is easier said than done. I am far from as light as I want to be, and still have no clue where I want to be five years from now, or even ten, but I have the freedom of choice and that is a gift and a privilege.

Happy Courage Anniversary to me!

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